Sail in Asia Yacht and Keelboat Fleet

Sail in Asia Yacht and Keelboat Fleet are the envy of most Sailing Schools in SE Asia. There are 10 yachts in total, 6 keelboats, a 6m RIB... There are 10 yachts in total, 6 keelboats, a 6m RIB with 115HP engine and even a fast Trimaran. 

  • There are 6 keelboats available to schools for ISSA certified training, or multi-activity Outdoor Education pursuits. Each keelboat can take 5 students and one Instructor.
  • There are up to 3 Farr 1104 blue water yachts which provide a superb overnight capability for up to 6 students, one teacher and one instructor
  • We also have an F28 trimaran that is capable of considerable speeds and yet is seaworthy and easy to handle.  The trimaran can take 5 students and one instructor.
  • Sail in Asia's operate a 6M Safety Boat that is a RIB, with a brand new 115 HP engine. This vessel has two dedicated crew that cover safety.  The RIB acts as the group's fast response vessel and provides overall Safety Cover
  • At Ao Yon we have the ability to put 6 dragon boats on the water at our outstanding beach base.  We can offer schools a dragonboat regatta, a river adventure paddling dragonboats and, of course, a paddle to a nearby island with overnight camping.  We have over 250 buoyancy aids so its possible for inter-schools competitions with SIA.

The SIA fleet has been put together to service the SE Asian International School Journey Market and to provide high quality Outdoor Education courses and Multi-Activity Adventure Trips.

Outdoor Education on Ao Yon Beach

SIA's beach location is an outstanding facility, purpose built with Adventure Training in mind. The base has teaching facilities, changing rooms, showers and toilets for groups of up to 80 persons. Our Outdoor Education base is close by our anchored fleet and situated on a secluded beach with shade and sufficient space for group teaching / lecturing.

Students are briefed and prepared for each session before going on the water, and are then transported by our small RIBs to keelboats or yachts as per the chosen programme. The yachts are moored approximately 200m away from our beach.

Dragonboat training and events are easily achieved in most conditions at Ao Yon. Beach launching and recovery is very straightforward, as we have no coral or rock just a lovely sandy beach to work from. Check out the gallery below to review the SIA base and environs.

Sail in Asia’s Fleet of Yachts

SIA’s Sailing Fleet in Phuket comprises 10 yachts. We can put over 60 students on the water with our own yachts. The video gives you an idea of the superb sailing grounds of South East Phuket Thailand.