The Sail in Asia Outdoor Education Program is professionally designed to provide comprehensive experiential-learning for student groups.  Our programs integrate learning to sail with a choice of subject-specific learning activities.  

Our outdoor education program is a great opportunity for students to learn teamwork and communication skills, develop confidence, and challenge themselves. Students also get leadership experience as they take turns helming the yachts and directing other students in their team. Students apply these new skills to go on sailing expeditions and complete in a race around the local islands.  

Interspersed between learning to sail and other outdoor sports, such as dragon boating, students engage in Learning Connect activities.  Students may do marine surveys while going scuba diving or snorkelling, or learn about the interconnectedness of species in a habitat while trekking through island forests.

Our Learning Connect activities integrate subject specific content into real-life practice. Students’ learning goals can be focused around physics, ecology or physical education. The most up-to-date pedagogical theories and approaches are applied to ensure that the program is differentiated for students with all learning styles and abilities. During these activities, students are tasked with doing fieldwork, engineering projects, or team and leadership building exercises.  At Sail in Asia, we believe in a student-centred approach. Our staff and programs provide a structure within which students can be safe, discover, get inspired and succeed. 

At Sail in Asia, we believe that we have created a truly learner-centred, holistic approach that will be an exciting outdoor education experience. To learn more, please click the links below to visit the junior or senior programs pages and see what program is right for your school and students.